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Ulla Remes is a strong colourist, whose colour scale has become scantier and expression more minimal in recent years after many strong and richly colourful periods. Paintings are simultaneously strong and delicate, and colours thick and thin. The paintings are very intensive and loaded with emotion. 

Remes takes starting points for her works from nature. The paintings are abstract and minimalistic by appearance, expressing the landscape of the mind. She often deals also with social themes in her works. In addition to large, strong acrylic paintings on canvas or MDF board, there are installations made of paper paintings and ready made objects.

Remes has had 30 solo exhibitions and the same number of joint exhibitions during her 15-year carrier. Her works have been exhibited in Japan, Portugal, Spain, Hungary and Great Britain, and she has worked several periods in various international residencies in Italy and Spain. Her works are in many public collections.

Ulla Remes acts also as a community artist (social artist). She has taken part with Tero Annanolli in European Capital of Culture of Turku and Helsinki Design Jubilee Year projects, the nationwide Church Days in Kouvola and Helsinki Arts' Night. Remes is preparing a doctoral thesis on the applied use of art.